What is Bitcoin Cash—How Does BCH Work?

What is Bitcoin Cash? One proof-of-work blockchain network and cryptocurrency that is both faster and cheaper to use than Bitcoin BTC $66,981 is Bitcoin Cash BCH $490. This asset has its community because a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain network created it. Like its forerunner, Bitcoin Cash is a means of exchanging value that some retailers accept and purchase through PayPal and represents an additional option.

Despite BCH’s best efforts, the crypto community remains divided over implementing Bitcoin’s long-standing problems. Both exist, but people still debate which will be more valuable in the long run.

The History of Bitcoin Cash

The First Bitcoin block, the Genesis block, was mined on January 3, 2009. It wasn’t long before the asset became popular. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has scaling issues and sluggish transactions. This is where Bitcoin Cash comes in.

Bitcoin Cash was created in 2017 to speed up Bitcoin transactions. The Bitcoin network “split” in half at block 478,558, starting a hard fork. A significant protocol change in this block renders all previous blocks worthless. Nodes must “upgrade” to the new chain to use the network.

Bitcoin developers and miners did forking to remove network restrictions. Most people think Bitcoin is for online shopping, not holding value. Bitcoin cannot attract people with transactions lasting minutes or hours. Additionally, transaction charges are high.

History of Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent Roger Ver disagrees. Ver, an early Bitcoin investor, loves cryptocurrency and other future concepts. Since 2011, when was one of the first online stores to accept Bitcoin, he has organized Bitcoin events. Ver has invested millions in Bitcoin ventures and is a staunch advocate of Bitcoin Cash and its technological advances. He calls it more “usable” than Bitcoin due to its larger transaction size. Many crypto supporters nickname “Bitcoin Jesus”.

Interestingly, Bitcoin Cash is separated into Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash ABC. The former is similar to the original Bitcoin Cash but differs slightly. Like paying open-source programmers, 8% of each block reward improves the network. Bitcoin Cash ABC targets developers because Bitcoin Cash only accepts donations.

Bitcoin SV—also known as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision—has further advantages. “Satoshi Vision” references the first Bitcoin white paper, which rejected Lightning Network and other second-layer, off-chain alternatives. Bitcoin SV proposes 128-gigabyte block sizes to ensure stability, surpassing Bitcoin Cash. It was decided to wait until billions of transactions were made. The community can then monitor network resource usage and vote on a block size cap.

Australian scientist Craig Wright, aka Satoshi Nakamoto, led the BSV push. Although some Bitcoin experts question its value, the Bitcoin Cash network has achieved much. It reached 9,000 TPS on its scaling testnet in early 2021 and purportedly processed 16.4 million transactions each block.

How does Bitcoin Cash Work?How does Bitcoin Cash Work?

Technically, Bitcoin Cash is indistinguishable from Bitcoin. There is a hard limit of 21 million Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin assets, and both rely on nodes to verify transactions and employ a Proof-of-Work consensus process. The proof-of-work (PoW) system allows users to validate transactions using computational power and receive BCH as compensation.

Because of its higher block size, BCH can function more quickly and with lower transaction costs than its predecessor. It works considerably better for less substantial purchases, like paying for a cup of coffee using bitcoin. Aside from that, CashFusion and CashShuffle are programs that work with Bitcoin Cash and smart contracts.

If you own Bitcoin Cash and use a wallet that supports CashShuffle, you can mix your coins with other users before a transaction. Since Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized ledger, your transactions are secret and difficult to track.

Coin mixing isn’t necessarily dependable. The fact that consumers must first put their faith in a third-party service is paradoxical, given that encryption allows users complete anonymity or autonomy. The potential fee associated with mixing is not optimal for those who transact frequently. Crypto mixers have come under fire from governments who believe the money flowing into these platforms originates from illicit sources.

Instead of merging your Bitcoin Cash with other users’ transactions, CashFusion will combine them into one huge transaction. It then returns the BCH to your wallet but merges your transaction into a larger pool so that no one can identify your holdings. Though they hardly scratch the surface, these are two of the most common uses for Bitcoin Cash. BCH has served as an inspiration for a plethora of protocols and other initiatives aimed at expanding and democratizing the technology.

What is Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash?What is Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash can handle 25,000 transactions per block, while Bitcoin can handle 1,000–1,500. The switch from 1MB to 8MB block size was enough to gain followers. BCH is one of the most popular Bitcoin forks and a top-20 cryptocurrency because of this. Bitcoin Cash now has 32MB blocks.

Before the schism, Bitcoin was fixing these issues independently. SegWit, or Segregated Witness, was designed for Bitcoin Cash at its formation. Off-chain transactions were supposed to speed up processing. The Bitcoin Cash hard fork happened because many disliked this solution. The current price of one BCH currency is more than its $240 launch price. Its intended usage as a medium of trade suggests that BCH’s low price may be an advantage. Bitcoin is a better store of value due to its higher price.

Companies gain the most from more significant block sizes and faster confirmation. Restaurants can easily accept smaller-priced transactions using Bitcoin Cash, unlike Bitcoin. This option allows online donations and creator tips. Bitcoin Cash’s restricted applications explain why people, even Bitcoin’s opponents, like it.

However, Bitcoin Cash has drawbacks. During the hard fork, investors may have found the name puzzling. Bitcoin Cash may appear to new users as a Bitcoin clone. People unfamiliar with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash may find it confusing.

BCH is cheaper than Bitcoin and less dominant in the cryptocurrency market. Thus, there may be less incentive to mine it. The asset lacks trading pairings since Bitcoin (BTC) may be swapped on all exchanges for hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies. BCH’s main objective is to replace fiat currency.

Bitcoin Cash’s pricing may depend on Bitcoin’s value. Although not directly related, BCH rises with Bitcoin. Several variables contribute: Bitcoin Cash, a top cryptocurrency, is an obvious choice for high-spending investors looking to diversify as the market increases.

How to Buy and Use Bitcoin Cash

You can buy, sell, and trade BCH on many prominent exchanges. While most exchanges make it easy to sign up, you may not be able to do it anonymously due to KYC/AML requirements that need photo ID and, in some instances, proof of income and address.

In any case, specific cryptocurrency ATMs do have the asset. Finding one in your immediate vicinity is an excellent first step if you choose this path. PayPal also supports Bitcoin Cash, though this may vary by country.

To begin, it is easy to use BCH. Once you have it, sending assets to a wallet is as simple as entering the address. The receiver could be an individual or a business. Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment at many different merchants worldwide. Various e-commerce platforms, travel websites, and others may also be able to take the asset. Those who own or advocate for BCH should be disappointed that the asset is not nearly as popular as Bitcoin. Bitcoin, not Bitcoin Cash, is the currency most commonly accepted by businesses.

Future of Bitcoin Cash

Regarding the future of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash is certainly finding its own space in the market. While Bitcoin has the mindshare, much of that interest will carry over to BCH as more merchants accept the asset. After all, there’s no denying that BCH is a much faster, cheaper network.

However, Bitcoin Cash is competing against similar projects, the chief of which is Litecoin LTC at $85.01, which is often right next to the asset in terms of market cap. That said, the characteristics of Litecoin vary from those of Bitcoin Cash, and it brings its pros and cons. It’s really about which platform fills the needs of a particular user and which platform brings forth the features that will be desired more by the general public.

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