Top Crypto Forums & Crypto Communities in 2024

Top Crypto Forums. Members of cryptocurrency forums can discuss any topics related to cryptocurrencies, from recent news and business trends to novel blockchain technologies and more. To put it simply, a cryptocurrency forum is just an online meeting spot for those who are interested in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency forums predate modern messaging apps like Telegram and Discord, but their user base consists primarily of genuine crypto enthusiasts rather than frauds.

The Best 5 Bitcoin Forums

As soon as I immersed myself in the crypto sector, I sought a community of fellow crypto enthusiasts. A Bitcoin forum was the solution for me. That’s why I’ve made a list of the five best Bitcoin forums: places where people can talk about Bitcoin openly, where there are lots of people using it, and where the information is usually solid.

Bitcoin Garden forum

The inaugural Bitcoin Garden Forum took place in 2013. When participants in a blockchain forum extol the technology’s prospective worldwide impacts, you know you’re in the right place. Some long-time, highly engaged users did a fantastic job of showing newbies the ropes. I had several really useful discussions about cryptocurrencies on the Bitcoin Garden Forum. Not only is BitcoinGarden a premier cryptocurrency community, but it is also a forum focused just on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Forum

Bitcoin Forum has grown since its 2011 launch to become a go-to place for Bitcoin-related conversations on anything from economics and technical analysis to market movements and more. Some users are still actively engaging in 2023, even if the quality of the forum has generally decreased over the years. forum

Plus, it was one of the first of its kind, the forum. The forum was great for discussing various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin mining, trading, and more. The one catch is that the forum is owned by Roger Ver, the man generally acknowledged as the “father” of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork. Nonetheless, it continues to be a popular hub for learning about Bitcoin and conducting deep market research on current events.

Beermoney Bitcoin forumBeermoney Bitcoin forum

The Beermoney Bitcoin forum was a great place for me to hang out when I initially started. From this, I discovered many discounts that allowed me to earn extra bitcoin, like the $25 Coinbase promo that was available in the past. One option is to use numerous cryptocurrency wallets or to join cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcointalk Forum

What’s nice comes in the end, which is why I’ve kept the Bitcointalk forum as the last one. In this unique forum, you will get all the information you need about Bitcoin. Everyone interested in cryptocurrencies should sign up and participate there.

Top 5 Crypto Forums

If you’re looking for a great cryptocurrency forum, you should look for one where members can talk in-depth about the current events, trends, and market for cryptocurrencies, as well as share trade details. The forums up top are all about Bitcoin and blockchain, but the ones down below are more broad in scope. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top Crypto Forums:

BitcoinGarden forum

This forum is still the best place for crypto fans and newcomers to ask questions and get answers. If you’re looking to network with other crypto investors, this forum is a great place to do so.

BlackHatWorld Cryptocurrency forums

Cryptocurrency BlackHatWorld serves a whole new function. For those new to cryptocurrencies, nevertheless, the forum is a great resource. The fact that an account is not required to read the topics is a huge plus.

Beermoney forums

There are a lot of spots on the Beermoney forums where people can talk about ways to make Bitcoin. Everyone in the Beermoney community is in it for the same beer money.

CryptoCompare Forum

Crypto Compare has been around longer than most other websites. There are other cryptocurrency-specific threads on the forum. There are more than 300 topics devoted to exchanges and more than 8400 discussions about cryptocurrency. Anyone interested in cryptocurrency can find a home at Crypto Compare.

Bitcointalk forum

You won’t find a better Bitcoin forum than this one. Before Twitter and Reddit, this was the go-to spot for crypto OGs, and it has continued to be a fantastic community for crypto fans ever since. All of the above should be sufficient to help you locate the most reputable Bitcoin forums to which you may contribute. Even though many forums have attempted to imitate Bitcointalk’s success, it is evident that Bitcointalk has emerged victorious. The following are some ways to make use of a cryptocurrency forum:

  • Get in there and start poking around; these forums have a wealth of useful information. See where the news breaks first by checking the forum every day.
  • Examine the advantages of each forum – If you are a verified user of Bitcointalk and take part in the signature campaigns, you can earn money. You can earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the many minor offerings on the Beermoney forum.
  • Keep in mind that con artists do exist; if something seems too good to be true, it may just be an overlooked post by the administrators. Be wary about jumping to conclusions.

What is a Subreddit?

Cryptocurrency subreddits are the most successful kind of cryptocurrency forum due to the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies. A subreddit is a more targeted community on Reddit where people can talk about a specific or generalized topic. The most common topics of conversation include current events, people’s views and beliefs, arguments, and hypothetical scenarios.

Best Crypto Subreddits: Best Crypto Community from RedditBest Crypto reddits forums

We now understand what a cryptocurrency subreddit is; let’s have a look at some of the most popular cryptocurrency subreddits.

/r/Bitcoin subreddit

The Bitcoin subreddit was likely the area where everything began on Reddit. This was the location where Bitcoiners would debate about the evolution of the project, the most recent trends, and even a few discussions about alternative cryptocurrencies here and there.

In a short amount of time, discussions regarding other cryptocurrencies started to be redirected to other subreddits, and /r/bitcoin became the greatest location for Bitcoin maximalists to discuss and share their thoughts.


It was not difficult for this subreddit to become one of the sites where crypto fans congregated to share the most recent news posts. In this particular Top Crypto Forums, you will have the ability to easily verify the relevant headlines. /r/CryptoMarkets is one of the subreddits that a crypto Redditor ought to follow because it is solely devoted to providing information and debating the cryptocurrency market. It is one of my favorite subreddits.


The ETHtrader subreddit was first conceived as a community intended for traders to discuss their transactions involving Ethereum. In a manner analogous to that of /r/bitcoin, it was a place solely dedicated to Ethereum fans.

Recently, the subreddit has shifted its focus to include talks on adoption, news about media and comedy, discussions on technical analysis, news, and fundamental analysis of Ethereum cryptocurrency. It is a pleasant location to gain insight into what other traders are trading, what other people’s thoughts are on Ethereum, and other related topics.


There is a distinct victor among the largest cryptocurrency subreddits: /r/Cryptocurrency. The popularity of this cryptocurrency subreddit led to the introduction of its coin, which is currently valued at $32 million. Users unite to discuss cryptocurrency in what is likely the largest crypto community. Get to r/Cryptocurrency if you want to know about breaking cryptocurrency news as it happens, nearly instantly, before it gets popular.

From current events to user thoughts and inquiries, this subreddit covers everything. Please read the rules carefully and participate on Reddit a bit before you join.

Crypto Trading Forums: Getting Quality Crypto Market InformationCrypto Trading Forums

Perhaps all you care about is trading and have no interest in keeping up with the newest news, trends, etc. Rest assured, we have compiled a short list of resources where you may get up-to-date information about the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

  • SeekingAlpha is a huge forum and trading community where members talk about trading cryptocurrencies, equities, ETFs, and more.
  • Traders can connect at BlockchainWhispers, which is free to use but offers a premium subscription with access to premium insights and signals. To view the most recent conversation, you must sign up for their site and create an account.
  • If you’re looking for trading advice, strategies, and real-time notifications, you should join AskTraders, a private group on their site. Discussions about cryptocurrency and stock trading are welcome here.

The Ultimate Crypto Trading Forum

But TradingView is the greatest one, and it’s not even a Bitcoin forum. Traders can find nearly all of their tools on the platform. Whether you’re looking for technical indicators or business financial data, TradingView has you covered.

You should know that there is a potential monthly fee to read the opinions of their most experienced traders and to use the most complex features of the platform before you join. You might think of it as paying for access to high-quality data and in-depth analysis of your preferred cryptocurrency or asset.


Hopefully, you have found this information useful in your search for a top Bitcoin forum. You don’t have to join a forum to read everything posted there, but doing so will show your support and gratitude to the people who have contributed helpful information.

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